Visionary Funding & Investment Foundation is a Tax-Exempt Nonstock Corporation, owned and operated by "Its a Revelation Church of Jesus Christ," a 501 c3 organization, seeking to establish scholarship programs and grants for students seeking to attend public or private schools.  We seek to inspire and empower individuals to understand purpose and vision. VFIF plans to maintain a reputation of integrity, quality staff and excellence in management.   VFIF will provide funding for small based businesses that support the well-being of humanity. VFIF will administer grants to organizations that support housing for low-income families, poor disadvantaged families.  Our plan is to support those organizations and programs that support public services, rehabilitation and improvement to public infrastructures, by creating livable environments and affordable housing to low-moderate income persons.  Programs that revitalize the community by expanding small business opportunities. Programs that build new housing projects for impoverished communities, supporting poor farmers, in sub-Saharan Africa.  VFIF will provide funding for disadvantage youth employment programs, job training, and career development , life skills, which empowers, prepares and develops key character for adapting to society, thereby creating economic development opportunities in North America and abroad. VFIF supports  extended programs for Orphans & Widows, that includes funding for those who are poor without families and housing.  Projects that includes educational resources, caregiving and counseling services, as well as a Work Incentive Program. Through the process of grant making and donations we will help the poor and the needy, plant more churches and extend more benefits to organizations that promote the well-being of humanity globally. VFIF's overall plan is a global initiative to nurture humanity back to a state of wholeness with stable economies.

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