Housing Community Development

Funding for Poor disadvantaged people,  and Homeless Family Projects; Low Income Housing Programs: Programs that build new infrastructures in impoverished communities; Low Income Permanent Housing & Transitional Housing for Seniors and families with low-income.


VFIF seeks to establish scholarship programs and grants for students seeking to attend public and private schools.  VFIF will provide tax-Credit Scholarships, students will have the opportunity to achieve a tuition-free education.

Small Business 

We fund small businesses who serve in a capacity to build job opportunities, job training, economic development, building new homes for low-to-moderate income families and individuals.  

Job Training

Programs that offer software training for updated applications, typing classes, state-of-the -art computer equipment, advance technology, teaching digital job opportunities locally and abroad.  We will fund programs for students who want to enhance their job skills, and knowledge needed to qualify for top job opportunities.

Healthcare/Mental Health

We plan to fund and support mental health programs, to stop child abuse and neglect through supporting Christian mental health organizations and "free health insurance programs," for individuals and families. Health & Fitness programs, for families, individuals and for the disabled, blind and handicapped persons.  Programs that are equipped with professional counselors, healthcare consultants, nurses and fitness instructors.


Food Distribution Programs

VFIF plan to fund programs for homeless families and individuals, food/clothing for homeless families.  Supporting programs that offer kitchens for the homeless.  VFIF will support whole person programs designed specifically for homeless individuals and families, consisting of counseling, interactive activities that would bring about a healthy attitude, edifying the individuals confidence.  VFIF will assist Group homes that offer a vision and purpose program that shows the individuals his/her purpose in life, enabling them to adapt to the world around them. 

Medical Assistance for Disabled men/women/Vets

VFIF will fund disabled men/women in need of medical equipment, power wheelchairs, prosthetic legs, scooters and other medical equipment that otherwise is not covered by state medicare and medicaid, as well as dental treatment, cosmetic surgery that most health insurance companies do not cover.  We plan to provide medical grants for low-income families and individuals.



VFIF have partnered up with WLC (Washington Literacy Center) in funding such programs as computer literacy, workforce and occupational literacy, continued education, hands-on opportunities and integrated instruction.

Self-awareness(Vision/Purpose Program for Seniors)

We are interested in empowering, supporting and teaching individuals to believe in their God given talents, which will produce fruit.  Using their gifts and talents by interacting in social programs that promote self awareness and healthy purpose-driven relationships; through the fellow-shipping with others


Childcare Providers 

Funding for Before/aftercare programs, all age groups.  Low to moderate income families and homeless children.  

Services for At-Risk-Youth and Populations

VFIF support and fund Counseling programs for emotionally abused youth, educational programs that empower the young adult to succeed, life sustaining programs, fitness and health programs, activities, an environment that administers good behavioral techniques. Poverty stricken communities, lack of resources and teaching facilities.

 Programs for Inmates

VFIF will support programs that help those who are incarcerated become fully equipped for the world outside of prison.  In other words, training programs that trains the inmate in character development, leadership skills, vision/purpose as well academic skills and interactive programs that teach appropriate attitude response in daily living situations. These programs are Biblically based.

Clean Water

How many countries do not have clean water?

85% of the world population lives in the driest half of the planet. 783 million people do not have access to clean water and almost 2.5 billion do not have access to adequate sanitation. 6 to 8 million people die annually from the consequences of disasters and water-related diseases.

VFIF will gather supporters to help fill rural environments in country's with lack of clean water and filtering systems.  VFIF partners will give support and approve grants for areas plagued with unclean water.

Support Low Wage Farmers

According to the National Farm Worker Ministry nearly two million farm workers work in our orchards and fields, plant nurseries, dairies and feedlots. 85% of our fruits and vegetables are hand harvested; without farm workers our multi-billion dollar agricultural industry would not survive. Yet they labor long hours for low wages and suffer from heat stress and pesticide exposure in the fields. Isolated and excluded from some of the laws protecting other workers, farm workers rely on concerned consumers to help achieve a measure of justice in the fields.  VFIF will support the farm workers through our grant programs and support of many partnerships and donations locally and abroad. We delight ourselves in the desire to help support the work of our farmers hands. Through the work of the farmers hands they have contributed to saving the earth and making individuals and families healthy and whole persons.

Support Electricity in Rural Areas

Since 2010, The Rockefeller Foundation has been working to address energy poverty through a model that provides electricity through mini-grids for lighting and business use. By securing telecom and other explosive sectors with significant energy needs as anchor tenants and contractually guaranteed customers.  The Rockefeller Foundation is working to make it profitable for smaller-scale energy-services companies (ESCOs) to bring electricity to rural parts of the developing world.

Now, with a commitment of $75 million, The Rockefeller Foundation aims to expand this model to electrify 1,000 villages in the next three years through our Smart Power for Rural Development initiative. The initiative will initially target districts in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, where fewer than 10 percent of rural households are connected to the national grid.

          https://www.rockefellerfoundation.org/our-work/initiatives/smart-power-for-rural-development/.  VFIF will help support these rural areas through the funding of grants and donatons.

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